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What is so Grand about the Parkway… 

Invest, Develop, Collaborate w/ Linchpins and Game Changers

Friends:The answer to Houston transportation and mobility continues to happen before our eyes.  See few photos below I took while driving the ExxonMobil impact area this week.  As an early adopter to this game changer, I will continue to give you the XOM mega campus periphery beat (we love the Oil and Gas Tiger).  Thank you to Grand Parkway Association and Zachry Odebrecht Parkway Builders along with Springwoods Village and ExxonMobil.  Houston continues to dream big and execute. Zachry Odebrecht most recently leased some land from us - shown in picture 2,  and put it to use as quick as you can say ”H-town”!

“If you build it, they will come.”  Or maybe,..” if you come, they will build it?”  And another one liner to embrace …”There is a time to move fast, and a time to move slow”- you guessed the season we’re in.

Parkways, byways, highways, flyovers, 3rd loops, TX ROW condemnation, new communities, sustainability, net absorption, commercial real estate, mixed use projects, multi-family, residential, oil and gas Majors – bring it all and the kitchen sink!  Come on over and in, the water is warm, so just stay.  YOU know who you are and where you (or your clients) want to be.  Abundance Mentality = there is plenty of business, projects, faith, community and connectedness to go around and the critics need not apply.

“The Trey Take-away” – If you would like to discuss some more commercial real estate, ethical capitalism and  ”work that matters”- contact me and we will make this community even a better place- deal by deal, project by project, connection by connection, trust by trust.  Also, sign up for more insights at – and connect!


Grand Parkway Segment F2 Clearing at Intersect of I-45 North looking South down 45

Grand Parkway Clearing

Zachry Odebrecht Parkway Builders Staging Area Segment G

staging parkway

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As you thrive in your career, what is your secret to significance?

I keep learning more about the top leaders in the world and what they possess others do not.

There is one common set of factors I find compelling in these change agents.

  • They operate in the intersection of their 1.) very top strengths and 2.) what they are most deeply passionate about.
  • They operate in this specific space above (and in the industry, field, impact zone) and stay hyper focused in that space.
  • They step into their Sweet Spot and stay there.

This can be defined as your “sweet spot” where you seem to be effortlessly performing by outsiders.  Top athletes will describe this as being “in the zone”.

Life gets busy, and is very chaotic.  Why do we need to feel safe?  Why do we gravitate to security or normalcy?  Why are we scared of the unknown?  Are you really pursuing what makes your being thrive?

It’s time to think “you, your strengths and your passion” to make a distinctive impact. I look forward to us making more concentrated effort into this “labor of our specific love and work that matters”.  Take time to figure it out.

As one thought leaders says, it’s not just “being at the right place at the right time.” More so,  it is “being in your right place (sweet spot), and the right time happened”.  




I am wrapping up my 35th Birthday tonight…

We did not throw a big party.  We did not go to some special steak dinner.  I did not even blow out candles and eat a birthday cake.

Instead, I took my almost 5 year old first daughter dancing at The Woodlands United Methodist Church and then TCBY.  What an impression that made on me – and thank you for my friends who joined with their lovely daughters to dance and laugh the night away.

35 years can do a lot to a man.  That is over 1/3 of a man’s useful life after-all.  One thing becomes certain now.  What really matters in our precious lives?

No one will ever take away the JOY my daughter – Lyla and I felt tonight.  That is embedded in my memory bank forever!  All our work, all our stuff, all our issues, all our pain, all our busy life schedules, all our worldly things – are nothing compared to a Father and Daughter’s love!  As the years pass by, I can now better understand my Mom’s love for her father, my sisters’ love for my own Dad, and my wife’s love she had and still has for her Daddy- it’s quite amazing!

Thank you Lyla- thank you for letting your Daddy always know what really matters!  all my love,



When I say “Make A Friend”- what does that mean to you?  We have had an awesome series at THE LOFT CHURCH at The Woodlands United Methodist Church the past few weeks.  Mission- to make real Friends.  see links @ The LOFT Church link -

To me, a Friend, a true Friend, is one I can call on at the darkest hour, when the chips are down, and I need someone to just listen to me- and offer support.  I understand after today’s sermon, FRIEND’s might just complete the 3rd leg of the triangle in an authentic community connected Purpose driven life under God – 1.) His Word/Scripture 2.) Prayer 3.) real FRIENDS.  That is powerful to me and encourages reflection into just “who are my real Friends?” and “what Friends am I seeking in my Life – and WHY?”

We all have strong beliefs in someone and something, so how do we make this relationship more intimate?

  • Are just a few close friends good enough? If so, why is that?   So, then what is the purpose of artificial friends?
  • Is our belief in a Higher Power (for us Christians- CHRIST) the most important Friend and are we letting Him in?
  • Can you Thrive in Life by making a few more real Friends and rely on those close ones to you?

“MAKE A FRIEND” …hmmm.   I love Christ, I love People- and I love real authentic sacrificial Friends-…. so maybe one of life’s major “impactful” treasures is to focus on my enduring loving friends who share the same conviction and core values?  With maturity comes a sweet realization- who are our real Friends and why do we need them?






Are YOU in the Game?  If you are in – what game are you playing and WHY?  Are you playing it to win or serve- or both?

I personally am in the commercial real estate game in one of the best markets in the USA.  I used to chase a soccer ball around in a Division 1 College game – and have broken many bones, shared locker room laughter, and got rewarded and scolded.   Post college, I have seen all faces of this real life business game now for over a dozen years.  For right or wrong, business is a game:

  • being a rookie eating p _ j’s – like the minor leaguer barely making his way
  • wondering if I should go the safe corporate route, or blaze my own trail – is it risky now to play it safe I wonder?
  • a rise to success thru wins- or moments of glory
  • seen plenty of mistakes – losses – albeit temporary and learning lessons
  • good and bad team members – you want to believe in them all
  • team captains who come and go – the free agent concept is always alluring
  • stiff competition of all sorts and others who just want to be close to the action, yet still on the bench
  • selfish “ball hogger” monomaniacal gamers and the selfless team player who needs no press
  • teams that gel and teams who perish with a lack of gut wrenching vision and grit
  • Championship Titles and lackluster seasons – like our red hot markets and gloomy recessions
  • Mature respected teams and athletes, and then the cheaters, free riders, sandbaggers and steroid infested gamers

The game is brutally tough, it requires morals, sacrifice and fanatic discipline- even after playing and practicing in this game for years it still hurts.  The ref’s and other team (and the sport itself) are not always fair- and neither is life.  But can it be purposeful and equitable?

But, here is the key- we all have the ability to suit up and get in the game in business and life  - with the main difference is YOU don’t have to run a (4.2) 40 yard dash and have 3% body fat.  How do we not get knocked down so much- and then think about getting back up- or do we think at all and just get up?  We are resilient Americans (Texans) right?

The game- just like the eternal life-  requires this- unwavering FAITH.  Pro golfers win the Master’s between the 6 inches between their ears.  Believers, Family, Community, and Faith based Business leaders all know this sage wisdom _ belief.  The best part is, when “you are in the zone” and it’s His glorious zone-  it is genuine, right, authentic, and can be felt by everyone.

My faith is being tested, as is yours on a daily basis, in this game of Business – so don’t let it change your Life and knock you down permanently.  No way, we get up, dust off the dirt and continue on not thinking twice (other than some serious reflection and prayer).

Do Faith for your God, your Family, your Community, and Yourself.   Always – keep the FAITH, make an Impact and Thrive in YOUR game.  The Glory, we will find – is not just for ourselves or boss or team, but….maybe, even more than definitely, for the one who created the Game and your Life in the first place.