a 35 year old Birthday Blessing…

Trey —  June 14, 2013 — Leave a comment

I am wrapping up my 35th Birthday tonight…

We did not throw a big party.  We did not go to some special steak dinner.  I did not even blow out candles and eat a birthday cake.

Instead, I took my almost 5 year old first daughter dancing at The Woodlands United Methodist Church and then TCBY.  What an impression that made on me – and thank you for my friends who joined with their lovely daughters to dance and laugh the night away.

35 years can do a lot to a man.  That is over 1/3 of a man’s useful life after-all.  One thing becomes certain now.  What really matters in our precious lives?

No one will ever take away the JOY my daughter – Lyla and I felt tonight.  That is embedded in my memory bank forever!  All our work, all our stuff, all our issues, all our pain, all our busy life schedules, all our worldly things – are nothing compared to a Father and Daughter’s love!  As the years pass by, I can now better understand my Mom’s love for her father, my sisters’ love for my own Dad, and my wife’s love she had and still has for her Daddy- it’s quite amazing!

Thank you Lyla- thank you for letting your Daddy always know what really matters!  all my love,



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