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What is so Grand about the Parkway… 

Invest, Develop, Collaborate w/ Linchpins and Game Changers

Friends:The answer to Houston transportation and mobility continues to happen before our eyes.  See few photos below I took while driving the ExxonMobil impact area this week.  As an early adopter to this game changer, I will continue to give you the XOM mega campus periphery beat (we love the Oil and Gas Tiger).  Thank you to Grand Parkway Association and Zachry Odebrecht Parkway Builders along with Springwoods Village and ExxonMobil.  Houston continues to dream big and execute. Zachry Odebrecht most recently leased some land from us - shown in picture 2,  and put it to use as quick as you can say ”H-town”!

“If you build it, they will come.”  Or maybe,..” if you come, they will build it?”  And another one liner to embrace …”There is a time to move fast, and a time to move slow”- you guessed the season we’re in.

Parkways, byways, highways, flyovers, 3rd loops, TX ROW condemnation, new communities, sustainability, net absorption, commercial real estate, mixed use projects, multi-family, residential, oil and gas Majors – bring it all and the kitchen sink!  Come on over and in, the water is warm, so just stay.  YOU know who you are and where you (or your clients) want to be.  Abundance Mentality = there is plenty of business, projects, faith, community and connectedness to go around and the critics need not apply.

“The Trey Take-away” – If you would like to discuss some more commercial real estate, ethical capitalism and  ”work that matters”- contact me and we will make this community even a better place- deal by deal, project by project, connection by connection, trust by trust.  Also, sign up for more insights at – and connect!


Grand Parkway Segment F2 Clearing at Intersect of I-45 North looking South down 45

Grand Parkway Clearing

Zachry Odebrecht Parkway Builders Staging Area Segment G

staging parkway

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I am wrapping up my 35th Birthday tonight…

We did not throw a big party.  We did not go to some special steak dinner.  I did not even blow out candles and eat a birthday cake.

Instead, I took my almost 5 year old first daughter dancing at The Woodlands United Methodist Church and then TCBY.  What an impression that made on me – and thank you for my friends who joined with their lovely daughters to dance and laugh the night away.

35 years can do a lot to a man.  That is over 1/3 of a man’s useful life after-all.  One thing becomes certain now.  What really matters in our precious lives?

No one will ever take away the JOY my daughter – Lyla and I felt tonight.  That is embedded in my memory bank forever!  All our work, all our stuff, all our issues, all our pain, all our busy life schedules, all our worldly things – are nothing compared to a Father and Daughter’s love!  As the years pass by, I can now better understand my Mom’s love for her father, my sisters’ love for my own Dad, and my wife’s love she had and still has for her Daddy- it’s quite amazing!

Thank you Lyla- thank you for letting your Daddy always know what really matters!  all my love,



Ahhh….the sounds of Cranes and Beeping Construction Dozers on site in The Woodlands.  Thank you Howard Hughes and James Warmack (2 of our esteemed developers) – and my mountain bike – for this amateur video I shot on Ironman Weekend here in The Woodlands.  Take in the sights and noises of an office construction frenzy in one of the hottest markets in the USA.  Some would say we boast a 0% Class A office vacancy rate. - My safe YouTube Link

If you build it, they will come to The Woodlands.



ExxonMobil updated aerial.  The Woodlands TX Commercial Real Estate is “en fuego” around the area.  I have some more inside scoop to share on another energy giant moving and shaking in the area.  Email me to discuss at or call 713.320.9494.  Stay connected!


Marketplace Meeting Ministry now in The Woodlands- come join me!

  • Wednesday, May 8th
  • 7:30 am – 9:00 am
  • Woodlands Country Club, Palmer Course Private Room
  • 100 Grand Fairway Drive, The Woodlands, 77381
  • 281-863-1400

The Barnabas Group-Houston (TBG) is expanding to The Woodlands!
How much more do you want to do for the Kingdom of God?
How interested are you in joining with other community leaders in a collaboration to advance the
Gospel and expedite the return of Christ?
What legacy of significance do you want to leave for the next generation?
Join Our Founding Member’s Inquiry Meeting:

God has been using TBG to make a powerful impact on ministries around the corner and
around the globe. But in contrast to many great individuals and organizations who support
ministries primarily with the checkbook, TBG realizes Kingdom-minded people could provide so
much more if given an opportunity to use their network, time, unique abilities, giftings AND
resources to help ministries that reflect their true passions.
TBG has impacted over 40 ministries through our Houston-based breakfasts, SWOT meetings
and vetting process. We believe that there is so much more to do and leverage is the key to
making it happen.
We use the experience learned, strong vetting process and administration base that we will
already employ to expand to another area with minimum additional costs of time and money. As
we launch into The Woodlands, we are looking for 6-9 more Founding Members to start this
chapter. TBG-Woodlands Founding Members are people who are willing to make a 2-year
membership commitment to TBG-Woodlands and recruit 10 people to the breakfast in
September. The goal is to have 3 of them becoming members of TBG-Woodlands.
Please join us as we advance the Gospel and His Kingdom as we join together as the Body in
The Woodlands! RSVP If you have any questions, please contact Becky Turner
( or 713-824-5649), TBG’s Managing Partner.

Have a great day!

For the Kingdom,

Becky Turner

Managing Partner




ExxonMobil multi-billion dollar mega campus- and The Woodlands TX- need I say more.

We are in continued bliss up in North Houston.  With less than a 2% class A office vacancy rate, and significant positive net absorption in most product types in our immediate trade area – the next few years are flying high in CRE.

In addition, most of our land listings are being acquired by an array of users- especially the larger tracts with residential developers.

We currently have a handful of listings being sold and developed around the ExxonMobil impact radius, for more than ask price.

The activity is extremely brisk from I-45 north of Louetta going up thru Conroe.  I feel the spike will occur in 2015 on most all CRE prices up here- notwithstanding a macro-economic catastrophe.

We are currently raising significant equity, taking on more listings, clients and developments- for even more exciting opportunities around all the action.

Playing it safe is now risky.  It’s better to be great than lucky.

call or email with all North Houston commercial real estate needs. 713-320-9494


Forbes Ranking

March 2013

Houston once again is ranked among the top cities in America by Forbes – this time, at No. 2 for “Best Cities for Good Jobs.” According to Forbes, Houston’s rank is based upon a five-year expected annual job-growth rate of 2.6 percent, per capita income of $42,804 and 6 percent unemployment.

This news comes on the heels of other recent – and impressive – rankings of Houston by Forbes such as these:

  • No. 2 among the 20 “Fastest Growing Metropolitan Areas in the United States” (January 2013)
  • No. 5 spot as one of the “Cities Where People Earn the Biggest Paycheck” (December 2012).
  • No. 8 among “Fastest Growing Cities in the United States” (March 2013) and “New Tech Hot Spots” (January 2013)
  • No. 2 among “Best Cities for Female Entrepreneurs” (October 2012)
  • No. 1 among “America’s Coolest Cities to Live,” “Big Cities Where Self-Employment is Growing the Fastest” and “Cities Where Paychecks Stretch the Furthest” (July 2012)
  • No. 2 for “Best Big City for Jobs” (May 2012)
  • No. 3 as “Top City with the Most Construction Underway” (March 2012)

It’s a challenge to keep up with Houston’s outstanding accolades and rankings because, quite frankly, our city is consistently earning high rankings by numerous media, organizations and research studies. You can see most of them by visiting the Greater Houston Partnership website’s “ratings and rankings page.” A sampling of other No. 1 rankings for Houston: Top Metros of 2012 by Site Selection Magazine; Fastest Real GDP Growth Among Large MSAs by Bureau of Economic Analysis; Most Multifamily Construction – Houston MSA by AXIOMetrics Inc.; and Best Cities for Your Career in 2013 by We should also note, these are No. 1 rankings that have come out so far this year, and we’re only in April!

CBI expansion

Chicago Bridge _ Iron has announced a $35 million expansion for its facility at 2103 Research Forest Drive, which will accommodate at least 200 full-time equivalent jobs at its planned completion date of Dec. 31, 2014. It plans to add a 150,000 square feet office building, another parking garage and an additional floor to the current parking garage at its campus in The Woodlands.

Growth continues in The Woodlands!

Read about this in Community Impact


The Woodlands Township is increasing its efforts to meet the community’s burgeoning transportation needs.  With major companies, like Exxon/Mobil, moving into the area, and businesses are continuing to develop and expand. “What does that mean for traffic coming into The Woodlands?” McKinney asks. “You have to do some forward planning and projecting and working with community partners.”

Mike Bass has past experience in transportation and he believes it will help him make a contribution to the committee.  “I was excited about the opportunity, because I believe improved mobility and transportation is very critical to our ability to manage our future growth, maintain a high quality life style for our residents and motivate businesses to provide jobs and generate economic opportunities for our community,” he said.

Read the complete story - The Houston Chronicle

Overall, last year was a great one for The Woodlands and north Houston in the commercial real estate industry, experts say.

Class A top-tier space was still extremely tight, and office rents are expected to continue to rise this year until more space becomes available.

Hughes Landing

Read more about this in Houston Business Journal