The Woodlands Commercial Real Estate Sweet Spot “in the Zone”

Trey —  June 23, 2013 — Leave a comment


As you thrive in your career, what is your secret to significance?

I keep learning more about the top leaders in the world and what they possess others do not.

There is one common set of factors I find compelling in these change agents.

  • They operate in the intersection of their 1.) very top strengths and 2.) what they are most deeply passionate about.
  • They operate in this specific space above (and in the industry, field, impact zone) and stay hyper focused in that space.
  • They step into their Sweet Spot and stay there.

This can be defined as your “sweet spot” where you seem to be effortlessly performing by outsiders.  Top athletes will describe this as being “in the zone”.

Life gets busy, and is very chaotic.  Why do we need to feel safe?  Why do we gravitate to security or normalcy?  Why are we scared of the unknown?  Are you really pursuing what makes your being thrive?

It’s time to think “you, your strengths and your passion” to make a distinctive impact. I look forward to us making more concentrated effort into this “labor of our specific love and work that matters”.  Take time to figure it out.

As one thought leaders says, it’s not just “being at the right place at the right time.” More so,  it is “being in your right place (sweet spot), and the right time happened”.  





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